Saturday, February 16, 2013

Writerly update

So, Naga People is now complete and with the editor. With that story done, I've moved on to my novella project that'll be included in the Borealis anthology Desert Breeze Publishing puts out.

I'll admit, I'm a little nervous. I've never written within someone elses constraints before...well, I stick (somewhat) within the constraints of known science, but I mean I've never written within another writer's fictional world. Oh, hell, you knew what I meant.

"Quit trying to unnecessarily explain things, AR."

Where was I? Oh, yeah, sticking within another writer's constraints.

Talk about pressure. Right now I think I'm doing okay. We'll see I guess.

Oddly enough, even though I was excited about it, my "muse" fought coming up with ideas. I think it's the perversely defiant side of me that resists any kind of conformity. (Pfft...this coming from the now suburban mom of 4 who works in an office job for "suits".)


I found a title for it, False Salvation. It's a young couple love story, with both the main characters being barely adults and very naive. Another first for me. I'm finding their romance very cute and hopeful.

And yet another first for me is that this is the first story where there's not a motherly figure of some sort. Veda, one of the woman there to help them escape Borealis, is tempting me to evolve her into a motherly role of sorts but since they are strangers and this is a novella, there isn't really time.

The pleasant surprise is how fast this one is going. I'm so used to 80k - 100k stories that this novella is already almost drafted.

After this I'm taking on either a story about one woman's battle in the afterlife or the third book in the Interstellar series. Both sound appealing at this point. In the first I want to manipulate and explore the myths and folklore surrounding post death. It'll allow me to bring in some the horror and more speculative elements I like. In the latter it'll be in a galactic life boat and I'll be able to explore the concepts and theories behind that. Another element I like to write about.

*tips hands back and forth like a balance* Science or speculative. Science or speculative. Choices, choices.

Hopefully I'll know when I get there. So, what have you all been up to?