Thursday, May 27, 2010

Why Space?

"Why space?" my teenage daughter asked as we sat on the couch and I talked about my latest story. "It's always space, rockets, other planets, and the search for aliens that - by the way - your characters never find."

I answered my normal spiel about H.G. Wells, possibilities, unknowns, new frontier and all the other jazz. Later in bed, though, the question really hit me on a more internal note...

Why space?

Yeah, H.G. Wells was a really groovy guy with awesome cool stories. The man certainly triggered my writing and fueled my love of reading. I was a book addict who read all kinds of genres. Thrillers, horrors, spy books, newspapers, magazines, historical, and non-fiction. Hell, why not my second favorite genre, murder mystery?

Of course, being who I am (anal-over-internalizing-nut) I fretted over the darn thing. I fell asleep thinking - or over thinking to be more accurate - about the why of it.

Then, I dreamed.

Space travelling expedition, being caught by roving pirates, fighting our way out, stealing a smaller shuttle, landing on a planet and finding a reclusive colony of hybrid humans...

When I woke up, excited about my recent space travels, I knew why it's space. Because that's where my soul is waiting to be...I'm just a few life cycles short of my true reality.

Good writing (and dreaming) all!

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