Saturday, August 21, 2010

Cover Image

I did it. I completed the publisher's cover art image input worksheet. It was a long 10 - might have been 11 - pages of my thoughts on the cover art for Duty and Devotion. It was grueling.

Not because I had no idea of a book cover, but because over the years I've had a million. There are so many ways a story can be portrayed visually. One thing I don't envy, the cover artist's job. She has to take a 200 page book and design a single teeny image that will convey the whole story and attract readers.


Now, I have to call on my patience - which left in the early 90s during the Nirvana phase - and wait calmly to see what Jenifer comes up with. If it's anything near the quality of the other books she does for Desert Breeze Publishing'll all be snazzy as a Sunday BBQ.

Good writing all!


  1. Yeah. That phase of "oh I can hardly wait!" to "well, that will do."

    Good look!