Friday, April 13, 2012

Monday! Monday!...Oh, Wait..Well Crappola

I admit it, the song was stuck in my head and wanted to use it, actual day of the week be damned. But, can't beat a Friday, so I won't be too hard on myself over my mismatched song choice.

Now that I've wondered off into AR La-La Distraction Land, I'll try to get back on topic. What was my topic?

Oh yeah, blog posts and coming releases.

It is my monthly visit to Sandra Sookoo's Seeing is Believing blog for Fun Friday. I'm over there being a mooshy mom, blabbing over my memory lane trip, and sharing a spider story. Stop by and visit if you have a moment.

When my calendar alerted to the Fun Friday post it hit me (the date...not actual domestic abuse via laptop). My heart actually dropped and then stuttered. Defib anyone? Other than the Friday the 13th thing - which, believe me, is creepy enough people - I realized it's 2 days until my latest release.

Hear that? Shhhh, listen...yup, that sound is a tsunami of butterflies stampeding through my stomach.

And don't tell me butterflies don't stampede. I'm not in the mood for rational observations. Plus, the visual of butterflies with large feet is humorous and I'm enjoying it too much.


  1. 47 hours 59 minutes until book release...58 minutes...57...

    Maybe you should go with the Anticipation song instead. I know all about doing the countdown until a book release. Way better than the countdown on autodestruct or the Omega 13 device. Hang in there :-)

  2. LOL...thanks Allie. No pressure or anything, right?

    Yes, the Anticipation song probably would be better.

    I must have been in denial, because it really didn't hit until yesterday that the release was coming already. (Wasn't it still February??)

    Ah, that sweet blissful denial...oh how I miss thee.