Monday, May 28, 2012

I met her at the discount store

That is where I met one of my characters in the third Telomere Trilogy book, End of Eternity. She isn't a lead character, but she is pivotal to one of them. She is the Overseer, keeper of the Dokkaebi's oral history and voice of the Essence.

(The essence is the spiritual entity for these people. In reality it is a...oh, well, I'll go into all that in another post. Focus, AR, focus!)

Hubby and I were cruising the discount store looking for Christmas ornaments. With 3 active boys, 2 big clumsy dogs and 1 inquisitive cat in the house, ornaments take a heavy toll around the holidays. And for the same reason is why we're at the discount store replenishing them and not some fancy-dancy store. Not that my cheapskate senses would EVER buy fancy-dancy anything.

So, there we were. Hubby is relishing the shopping trip and I'm trudging beside him wishing to be anywhere but shopping. (We're opposite the gender stereotype in this manner.) Our cart is full of dozens of ornaments we feel necessary for the season. We round the corner, where half the aisle is Christmas craft projects and the other is school craft projects and coloring books and whatnot...well, there in that aisle, I spotted her.

I swear people, my breath went out of me. She was beautiful in the truest sense of female. I'm not talking those flimsy models who'd blow away on a windy day. They creep me out (sorry if you are's not you, it's me). No, she was the essence of woman. Her whole being radiated with it, from her richly dark skin, a full body made for hugs, and this great smile. Oh my goodness that smile! It was pure happiness and contentment.

She had a handful of coloring books and I got that "teacher" vibe from her. This was a woman created to nurture and guide and mentor. This was my Overseer! I remember thinking. I wanted to ask her her name, what she did for a living...anything to hear her voice which I already imagined would be deep and smooth with a lilt of laughter and joy behind it.

It is no wonder Luna was willing to follow her request to go with Jetta away from her home planet of Asatru. There was so must trusting and goodness enveloping this woman. That sense of knowing in her form.

Where have you all seen your characters? Or are they all in your head?


  1. My characters are usually a conglomeration of people I've met or heard about, although occasionally one personality will make up a bigger piece of the whole than others. And of course they're all children of my imagination - lots and lots of characters crowding my mind, lol.

  2. Thanks for stopping by Allie. Sorry I didn't reply sooner. Not sure what happened but didn't get a notice someone commented.

    Children of my how you stated that. SOOO true!