Saturday, June 16, 2012

Unbelievably Confused and Okay with It

Sometimes it blows my mind how crazy complex our reality is. I'm not entirely sure where I'm going with this, so bare with me if you don't mind.

Want to know what triggered this flux of confusion?

How about a convoluted answer to add to what will be a convoluted post. If you haven't watched Morgan Freeman's new science show "Through the Wormhole" I suggest you start. It is fascinating, intriguing and all those other wonder words.

I always end those shows both excited to write and confused about our existence even further. I'm sitting here, watching the episode "Is the Universe Alive?" and the only image that keeps coming to mind as the show goes on is a female form with the universe as a womb. (I know...abstract AND artsy!)

The whole show goes through how the universe is possibly a living, thinking a quantum computer...or brain if you will. It's crazy. I guess my mental image should be a human form with the universe as a brain but it isn't. (Well, NOW it is, dang it.)

No matter how much I learn about the world and universe, I'm left feeling both stressed and more curious.

It reminded me of how I felt yesterday after finishing the Prometheus movie with my friend. I had so many more questions than answers yet was fascinated and impressed. The main female character and android were speaking in the end and it went something like this:

"Why does it matter? Why do you want to know?"

"Because I need to know."

"I don't understand. It doesn't make sense."

"That's what makes you a robot and me a human."

(Not exact transcription but you get the point to the dialogue.)

I don't understand why we humans feel the need to know how everything works, but our curiosity is ferocious, so unbelievably hungry.

I guess that's what makes us the special species we are. No one can sensibly call us "just an animal". What makes us different is a complex, dimensional imagination and creativity that goes beyond ourselves and seeks answers to everything.

Okay, pointless blog post ended. I'm still confused but feel okay about it now that I've vocalized it.

Thanks for being the sounding board all!


  1. Exactly how I feel. You said it well. We can all feel confused and okay together.

    Nice background, too! I usually read on Google reader and miss seeing the glory of everybody's beautiful blogs.

  2. It's funny, because I approach my faith in the same way. I reached the point where I had to just say, there is so much I don't know... I'm okay with that. IT's the human condition--hopelessly curious and just too dang small to figure it out.

  3. Hey! Long time to see Marva! ((HUGS)) Nice to have another SF geek to hang through the confusion we call life together.

    (And thanks about the background. I fell in love with it.)

    Patty, there are so many interesting ties and similarities between science and religion that I don't think each group fully respect in each other enough.

    Thank you both for stopping by!

  4. Very interesting post. I constantly fluctuate between thinking I have a grasp on anything and feeling it dissolve away between my finger! Will have to watch that show.

    Also love your background!

  5. Biggest advice is to never give up on your passion. You'll figure it out and find your niche.

  6. I know, Melisse. The minute we have one thing figured out, scientist go and crack open another layer. Definitely watch the show. Besides the fact that Morgan Freeman has the perfect host voice, the information is amazing.

    Thanks Diane for the post. Always good advice. Maybe one day humans will understand their niche, or place, in the universe along with their purpose.