Wednesday, May 22, 2013

My Plan in Action

Okey dokey, so as an extension of my "call to action" in the previous post, I've empowered my whining into action. You know, the one with tuba player and marching band in it?

Never mind, back to point. Here's my plan, listed in bullets and everything:
  • I've organized the science and technology topics I want to cover and began outlining the articles.
  • I've laid out the SF and SFR books I've read recently and been noting my thoughts on them. I even have some questions I might want to send to them (the authors, not the books) to get some insights. This is a big might as I really am awkward at socializing with fellow writers.I don't quite know why, but I am. I turn into a big lame-o.
  • I've laid out a posting schedule
  • I've slated specific "blog-writing" sessions
Why the last bullet? Well, I started to just puke it out on random and sporadic posts but decided that may be one of the reasons I haven't been successful. I'm an anal business planner by nature, so it goes to reason that I need planning and structure - to a point - in my personal life as well.

This blog is an important part of my world, where I can share my interests and joys, so, ergo, I need to get my shit together.


heehee, like the serious, mature tone of "therefore" just now?

*clears throat*

Anywho, to ensure I'm successful at my little life change here, I'm going to unofficially re-launch my blogging "life" this Sunday, the 26th.

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  1. A woman with a plan. I look forward to seeing what you've come up with for this re-launch.