Sunday, May 18, 2014

Catching Up - Branching Out

It appears that my blog has become my intermittent journal more than a vehicle of something or another.

At first I was distressed by this, but I've decided to roll with it. We all need things from different aspects of our lives and "it is what it is," as they say. One day this blog will again become more of a proactive writing and science blog but today is not that day. No, today is another journal day.

*Cracks knuckles* (mentally because I hate to in real life)

With IIA #3 Case of the Brotherhood released and the final draft of IIA #4 Case of the Rebellion Army completed, I have three months to polish it to perfection. I was going to dive right in with the polisher, editor checklist and a thesaurus, but thought, "Hey, I have 3 months. Let's have it sit and percolate a couple weeks."

I'm picking at it. A chapter or 2 here, a chapter or 2 there but mostly I'm reading. Not just books, but my beloved science sites, SF sites, and writing sites. The story I slated for myself after Rebellion Army disintegrated, replaced by an idea that's been sitting with me for years.

I've wanted to tackle it, but there never seemed to be enough time. It's going to require a lot of research to lay it out correctly. And with deadlines, contracts, and tight timelines, whose had that kind of time in recent years?

Well, now I have that time. Want to hear about it? Of course you do, why else would you be reading this?

The character is a galactic archaeologist or anthropologist - haven't decided yet - contracted with the government. She lost her husband a couple years previous and is on the tail end of putting her emotions and heart back together. She's called to a case on the outer reaches of the galaxy, to assess a mysterious site unearthed by a terraforming expedition.

There's still a lot to flesh and mold, but that's the main blob of the idea. It's kind of like clay. You smack a clump of it on a pottery wheel and start the spinner. Then you slowly and carefully shape it into something beautiful.

Well, Will Robinson, that's my entry for today from the inner reaches of A.R.'s mind. Out like trout for now.

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  1. There's never enough time, is there? I have so many ideas for books, but the process of actually drafting them and editing them and polishing them and getting them out takes so much time and energy that I can't keep up with my own brainstorming. That's great that you have time right now to step back and let the creative juices percolate.