Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Finding the Balance

This month has been full of great revelations! I've really gotten back to basics and re-igniting that joy I talked about in the last posting.

It's been all about no frills, no pressures, and no structure. I've brainstormed when I wanted to and wrote when the mood hit. I've flittered from story to story. I've just let my Muse go where ever she wants to go. it's time for balance.

It's been fun and a great reconnecting experience, but it's no way to grow as a writer in the long run. Everything is a fine balance between freedom and structure. Too much freedom and there's no definition or achievement...just non-connecting experiences. Too much structure and there's no joy or reason to grow....just ever connecting tasks.

So, I'm at a point of finding that balance for me. I've laid out a small, no pressure plan that will hopefully be full filling the whole me. Within the next 6 months I'm going to:
  1. Finish outlining one planned fantasy/alternate reality novella
  2. Complete first draft of Sci-fi epic novel
Just curious, what kind of balance do you all put on yourselves? Or do you just let it flow as it will?

Good writing all!

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