Thursday, April 1, 2010

March Status Check

Wow! That's the summary of March. All right! Let's get into the nitty-gritty that was March Madness. Let me just say, trying to write around flu, cold, and capital purchasing season - yes, it's a my work, which hits about this time every year - was something of a challenge. I'm not sure I fully succeeded but I did get idea stuff into written format.

New Story Ideas by Length:
Flash Fiction: 0
Short Story: 0
Novella: 0
Novel: 0
Series: 0

(Was that a trend? I think that was a trend...yup, that was a trend. Dang it!)

Current Story Progress:
Outlined: 0 (that would've involved new story ideas)
In Progress: 1 (was 2, but I had to sacrifice one for the good of my sanity this month)
Halted: 1 (aka "The Sacrificed")
Completed: 0 (but the 1 is really, really close)
Archived: 0
Published: 1 (The Patient, Foliate Oak's April 2010 Issue)

Agent/Publisher Search:
Queries: 6
Requests for Partials: N/A (all publishing houses and they wanted full manuscript)
Rejections: 2*

*Couple nuances to note here. Of the 6, I've heard back from all but 1:
  • 1 loved the manuscript, but just filled their purchases for 2010. Did state there might be an opportunity for 2011 if the book was still available. Personally, I'm really hoping not...but fall backs are good, I guess.
  • 1 turned out to be a scam (see previous post titled Know Your Worth).
  • And one was a submission to Harper Collins' slushpile, called Authonomy. My interesting journey through that will be noted in an upcoming post.
So, that leaves 2 full rejections, form and all.

Submission Status:
Submissions: 3 (running out of completed material here...I'm workin' on more)
Accepted: 1
Revise & Resubmit: 0
Short Listed: 0
Contests: 0
Rejections: 6 (2 were March submissions)
Waiting Response: 3 (1 sent back in December)

Okay, that's my claim to shame for this month. It's not as bad as it looks. I did get a lot of writing in but focused on one project that's due in June for an anthology. There was some research for my new novel tossed in there too.

Good writing all!

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