Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Revelations of Tomorrow is done! I'm excited. I'm relieved. I'm mentally exhausted.

This one ran at full speed. I didn't hit many road bumps, but the ones I did hit were huge and flung me around quite a bit. I was worried this would turn into another manuscript I tucked away. Instead, I found myself very happy with the characters, their story lines, and the evolution of the theme along the way.

It's the first in a trilogy. I started the second during my round of edits, but have decided to pause and break. I know the characters are in my head, tapping my skull to get going on their lives...but I really need to creatively recover, at least for a few days.

This will be my first attempt at a series, so I'm reigning in my excitement of a new endeavor. Next week I'll have two guest authors visiting to talk about their approaches to writing book series.

Okay, off to eat a salad for lunch...Oh, who am I kidding? We all know I'm going to grab a cheeseburger.

Good writing all!


  1. Congrats! I bet that feels awesome! (I wouldn't know. D=) Anyway, rejoice! You have done something amazing!

  2. Hope you enjoyed your lunch!!
    Congrats on finishing your book. Very exciting. Good luck with the series.

  3. Thanks Nick and Wendy! It does feel awesome...though I already am fighting off the need to start typing again. I guess my brain doesn't want that rest.

    LOL! Wendy, the burger was delish! I could eat a burger everyday. (All right, yes, I say that about burritos, tacos, hot dogs, pizza...just about anything unhealthy for me but is oh soooo yummy.)

  4. Amber that is awesome!!! I'm so happy for you. Keep us posted when it is out in print. I'm proud of you!

    ~ Kim