Monday, September 20, 2010

To The Meadow's Edge Now Up

Hi all!

My inspirational short, To the Meadow's Edge, is now up at Bewildering Stories. Come check it out along with all the other great stories in issue 401.

To the Meadow's Edge was created initially over a lunch hour for a writing contest. After the contest was over I tucked it away, frustrated with the overall comments I received. When my ego and pride de-ruffled enough, I pulled it back out and looked it over...
...It was awful. Okay, not too awful, but enough I understood why the story hadn't worked. I put on my writer's mechanic suit, dived under the plot hood, and got to work. Over several weeks and many rewrites I had the story I originally visioned.

With a virtual hug, I tossed it into the submission ring and let it take its course. Bewildering Stories picked it up, gave some further mentoring on the story...and then picked it up. The result is something I'm very proud of.

Just goes to shows, not all stories (rarely any) are ready right off the gate. Most take work and rework.

Good writing all!

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