Friday, May 6, 2011

Picking Up Where You Left Off

Hey all, there's something difficult about picking up pieces to your life after you've dropped them. (Total "duh" statement, I know.) This happened to me a couple weeks ago, when my medical issue decided to take over my life. I was rushed to the hospital and then transferred to another, bigger hospital and went into surgery.

It was awkward timing to say the least. I had a contest going on that Saturday (my first ever) on my blog. My ARC for Duty and Devotion was nearing it's last rounds. And, I was in the middle of a large project at my day job (several actually).

But all that flew out the window as I drove in an ambulance across the Golden Gate Bridge. Truthfully, it was the last thing on my mind at the time. Of course after, when everything turned out fine, I had a whole lot of balls to put back into the air. It was a daunting task to say the least. As a mother, wife, writer, and project manager there are a lot of balls floating around.

So, today I'm going to take it easy and just give a writing progress update. To get back into the swing of blogging again.

  • Duty and Devotion editing rounds are complete.

  • The Telomere Trilogy Book One: Revelations of Tomorrow is almost done for its June 1st submission to my publisher.

  • The Telomere Trilogy Book Two: Echoes of Regret is waiting in the wings to start editing phase.

  • The Telomere Trilogy Book Three: Ending Eternity is almost finished.

  • Lilly's Journey is still in progress.

  • I'm also going to start a holiday Free Read that follows the sisters in Duty and Devotion, title still to be determined.
So that's that. I've got to reorganize my blog stuff and reschedule some guests so I'll get back to you on all that.


  1. So sorry to hear about your health emergency. Glad you are ok now! I think everyone can understand that it takes a while to get all the balls in the air again!

  2. I hope you're all right now--sorry to hear about your health issue. When something like this happens, it's very debilitating, but at the same time can also be a good motivator to take stock of our happiness level and direction and if we need to, get back on track.


  3. You're so right Angela. Let me tell ya, I've been doing a lot of reflection lately.