Thursday, April 21, 2011

Bloggy Brain Freezes

I read a lot about bloggers struggling for post ideas often. I'll admit there were a few times when I started mine that the ideas wouldn't come. When this happened the project manager in me reared its ugly head and dove in to figure out why.

(I know, I know…sickness, opposing polar of the writer's heart…it's just who I am, sorry folks.)

For me, the root cause of this stemmed from 2 main things:

1. Wanting the "perfect" post topic

2. Waiting until the night before post day to think and write up a post

I haven't gone all project manager Nazi on my blog writing…there is some free spirit aspects I like about the whole blogging thing that I do protect from my rigid side. I have come to a compromise, however, that seems to work for me.

Whenever I have a question, thought, idea, inspiration, or just general rambling day dream I note it down. Either I do a quick email, jot it on a post it, scribble it on my hand, or note it on a bill statement…whatever is handy quite frankly. Then, when the mood hits me or it's Saturday and I'm not all into a writing or editing timeline I'll pull one of these and make it a blog post.

How are you bloggers keeping inspired with topic ideas? What works or doesn't work for you?

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