Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Directions from the Constantly Lost

I'm at the final point of my manuscript for Telomere Book 2 and the whole thing seems absurd to me.


Because this is the point where I follow my galaxy map and reference where the vessels are and where they are heading.

Again, why is this absurd to me?

Because I can't even drive from Napa to San Francisco without getting lost. Hell, I can't even drive around Napa without getting mixed up. And here I am, with my 2 angle view map of the galaxy making point references about vessel locations and figuring out the next stops in their journey. Solar System to Solar System and the space leaps in between.

Can AR read a map? Nooooo. Remember the episode of Friends where they're in London for Ross's wedding? Joey places the map on the ground and positions himself where he's at to figure out where he needs to go?...Yeah, that's me. Except I rarely know where I am to figure out where I need to go.

But, Captain Noah Bonney and Captain Makai Yourimoc know where they're at and where they heading, how long it'll take to get there, and what dangers they'll most likely run into on the way.

So, I'm fighting through the stinkin' 2 angle view map and plotting points, cross plotting, cursing a bit, and figuring it out.

...Man, what we writers do for our characters...

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  1. Captain Noah grimaced at the 4-D map. "Let the computer work this out. In the meantime, let go take our clothes off."

    I good Star Trekky way to avoid the map.

    In my books, I'm using real world, so an Atlas and a wall map of the world helps. For one book, I blew up a big map of Scotland and drew lines on it where the characters were going.

    Good luck!