Monday, October 10, 2011

Last Stretch

Captain Noah Bonney and her friends are off to the beta readers. Somehow I managed to navigate my way through solar systems, explosions, battles, and the personal demons of my characters to get the final draft done.

So close.

Almost there.

Last stretch.

This is where the muscles start to cramp and the sharp pain hits the abdomen. Breathing loses stride with the pace maintained over the last twenty miles.

I don't look pretty when exhausted and ready to collapse people... Do. Not. Look. Pretty.

Don't get me wrong. I run. I run when someone is chasing me. Okay, I won't run if someone is chasing me unless they have a weapon. A really sharp or metal weapon.

Anything other than that and I am the fight of the Flight or Fight equation. What's the use. I wouldn't get far and would just tire myself out and make a perfect victim.

Okay... not sure exactly where this post derailed, but it did. I'm sure there's meaning and purpose somewhere... really deep in between the lines, or dots.

I guess everyone gets derailed sometimes, and that's okay. Just ride it out and usually you'll find yourself back in the direction you were going. Or, you've put yourself in the direction you were supposed to go in the first place.

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