Saturday, December 17, 2011

My Plan...

To take over the world, of course.

If that fails, my plan is to "write like a demon". LOL! Cliche enough for you?? I mean, really, how does a demon write? Who is to say demons are fast writers? They could be slow. They do have to contend with claws and the risk of Hell's fire catching the paper they're writing on.

Just sayin'

Well, however the hell demons write, I plan to write a lot. I have started my holiday vacation. Two weeks of no work... that's a lie. Not an outright lie, but a delusion sort of lie that makes me feel better. I work in the business world folks. Even though I am technically on vacation the next two weeks I have to go in two days already for presentations and meetings.

Totally derailing right now. The point is...I'm not clocking in for the next two weeks and I'm going to write.

I got my distraction out of the way by spewing a page or two of everything this nameless character has relayed to me and can set her aside for now. I want to continue work on The Telomere Trilogy's third book, Ending of Eternity. Luna and Damani need their story finished and polished. I am excited to have Captain Bonney reach some closure.

Plus, I have some really cool quasi SF in mind for this one. We're going kinetic people. Kinetic! I want to explore this unique concept of Luna's people to its fullest extent. I'll probably bounce some ideas off the group here over the next couple months.

I'm also contemplating some new ventures for 2012. They're not at a point I can talk about right now, but soon, buddies, soon.


  1. Have a great writcation!

    Demons probably write in blood. Hide the bodies well,k?

  2. Sounds like you have a plan, Amber. The biggest challenge is sticking to it, trust me.

  3. Must keep writing even when the rest of life conspires against you :-)

  4. @Melisse: Writcation! I love it and in full disclosure letting you know I'm so stealing it! (Hide bodies...check)

    @Steph: Sticking to it...oh, yeah. LOL FOrgot about that part. Crapola!

    @Allie: LOL! You've just ignited the paranoia in me... they are out to get me. I knew it!!!

  5. Keep on writing-- looks like you already have a good start. Good luck with the days off and writing.