Saturday, August 25, 2012

Procrastination Marathon...Join Me

Because I'm in a marathon episode of procrastination - which I'm totally winning y'all - I thought I'd bring you what I'm finding in my Internet route. (NOTE: Because the recent copy right chaos for images, I'm not including any, but the links have great photos.)

*rubs hands*

Quantum Teleportation Race in full gear
We are well on our way folks! They are slowly breaking records. Today it's a single proton, tomorrow large masses of information, long time future who knows...people.

"Beam me up, Scottie." (Which was actually never said if I remember right. Correct me if I'm wrong blogger buddies.)

Now, I know the irony of titling it "Quantum TELEportation". I really hope they can come up with something more appropriate. I did in my new series: Quantaportation. Researchers, feel fee to take the term if you wish. It's all yours if you want it.

Organic memory material
Until the quantaportation technology is zipping info around the world, we can at least look forward to storing information on computers with less electricity usage thanks to this discovery of an organic crystalline compound that is ferroelectric. (This keeps flipping me a little bit back to Stargate Atlantis and the crystal technology on there.)

Goodbye RAM maybe, which uses buckos of energy to keep running due to its volatility.

Superhero Sutures
And because I can't search through science discoveries without checking out the latest and greatest in health and medicine (the industry to which I work in) I'm super excited about this new suture that is coated with sensors to detect infection. Not only does it detect it, but when it does, it heats up to aid in healing and fighting off the infection. Pretty cool, huh?

Okay, that's all I got right now. Anything new you guys have been reading about?


  1. Great post, A.R.! Yeah, I'm a Stargate Atlantis fan (why, oh why, did it have to go off the air?), so I'm with you on the crystal technology. That would be very cool. The sutures have an immediate practical application. I hadn't heard about them. That's incredible.

    1. I was upset about Stargate Atlantis...there was a ton of storylines that could've kept it going, I guess the ending was okay, logical.

      I was totally excited about those sutures. Just love where science is taking medical technology.

  2. Hmm, Netflix and Stargate Atlantis, will check. Hubby and I watched Babylon 5 from the start, then the x Files. And cool about the infection fighting sutures

    I just got a job in the health care field, but in Medicare billing. I am thrilled with the money and benefits.

    1. Ooh, loved those 2 shows to! The X files sometimes freaked me out too much, though.

      Congrats on the new job! You'll like the health care field, I think. Bene's are usually good in this field.

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