Tuesday, August 21, 2012

World Building Coolness: I created my own folklore!

Oh my goodness! Has it already been a week since I last posted? Where did the time fly? Where did the days sneak off to?

Hmm...I know where they went, as most of you writers know. Off into the lala land of the imagination. I have been so absorbed with my new manuscript that everything else has faded away into Nowhereville.

I was really excited because last week I created my own folklore for the story! Cool huh? I know! So, since I really can't think of anything super smart or witty to write about today, I thought I'd share the "myth" I created.


(Just remember, this is off the cuff...not even through to the first editing phase.)

*     *     *     *     *     *

"First, you have to understand our existance belief. The Naga people believe in an invisible land, known as Zerzura, which is between the living and the dead. Or, as our ancestors call them, the Known Here and the Hidden Beyond. There, in Zerzura, two spirits stand guard. Siwa and Andelik."

Dane didn't known whether it was Enola's quiet, storytelling voice or the exhaustion of the last day, but a chill danced down his spine.

"When a new soul enters, the two battle for it, using the recent dead's energy for power. If the person lived a good life, and therefore had good energy, Andelik wins. But, if the person lived a bad life, it would have more evil energy and Siwa wins.

"The great Sun gifted shape shifters with the ability to transform and appreciate all creatures by living in their skin. But all gifts come with a catch."

Sadness weighed down on Dane and tears stung at his eyes. He made sure to stay facing away from them, at the water tank. Painful memories ached in his heart. All gifts come with a catch, so true. If he turned, would there be the same sadness in Becka? He didn't dare, but knew Becka enough to know she at least remembered that heartbreak they shared, when they still loved each other.

"Shape shifters, in the midst of transformation, exist on this plane here and Zerzura," Enola continued without realizing the undercurrents she agitated. "This provides a loophole for Siwa, but only if that shape shifter has not lived a good enough life. During transformation, Siwa grabs them. Picking them up in an evil wind of ice as he whistles a dark tune, he drags them straight to the underworld, the devil's domain."

Enola tapped her handheld on the desk lightly, breaking the mood she'd set in the room. "And that, Agent, is the myth of the Siwa."

*      *      *      *      *      *

Well, I hoped you liked it. It probably will be tweaked a little bit during revisions and edits, but I really like the core of it.

Soooo, snooping moment: What has been your favorite world building moment?


  1. I like your folklore. Sounds like you've got a great book in the works. As for world building, I couldn't possibly pick a favorite. Every fictional world is unique, and I love every moment of that part of the creative process.

    1. Thank you Allie! I know what you mean, it seems the stuff I just created is my favorite...until the next thing I create. LOL! Then, of course, during the editing and revision everything is awful.

  2. I haven't done much world building, at least not yet. I'm amazed by an author who is able to paint an unknown world so clearly I'm able to see it.

    1. Thank you Judy! I'm always impressed with writers like you who can bring the here and now into vivid images on paper. I can never get it right.