Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Line in the Sand

Okay, reasonable or not, I'm drawing a line in the proverbial publishing sand. I've thought, considered, rethought, reconsidered, and have come to the conclusion...I just can't do it.

Yes, I'm aware it might hurt my long term success as an author. Yes, I'm aware it might make the readers unhappy or look in other direction.

I. Just. Can't. Do. It.


I can't - no won't - do Twitter.

I'm all for the authors who have the time, talent, and personality to join and converse on it. I can't, don't, and won't.

Other responsibilities don't allow enough time to hang out there. After a full work week, the time spent with my husband, kids, family, and friends are limited enough. Then I have my writing time, which I ensure eats into my personal and sleep time. That personal time, the slim hours I have to relish in me is taken up by hiking, kayaking, beach trips, photograph, writing, and my blogging here.

After all that, I just don't have the time to dedicate to starting a twitter account and maintaining the fast flow of that Internet river (rapid river, might I add).

Yes, we all must strive to grow, but we have to remember limitations. Limitations aren't just those things you aren't capable of accomplishing. They are things you decide not to accomplish. Boundaries, if you like that term for it better.

A plate is a plate. You are the keeper of that plate and must decide what works and doesn't work for that plate's content. Anything and everything can give you some sort of substance. You have to decide what kind and amount of substance it will be. There is nothing wrong with passing by a selection in life to maintain the prosperity, happiness, and fullness of your chosen plate.

I'm very, very happy with my plate and its content as it is now. It's full, but manageable with the substances that matter most to me. Twitter isn't the only "selection" I've passed. Promotions, great job opportunities, big moves...the list is endless in my many years of life.

Huh, I guess I've mixed my analogies a bit. Sand in line to plate content. Oh well, you get my drift.

What is your line in the sand, or substance you've passed to maintain your plate? Are there things you want to remove or reduce on your life plate?

Monday, May 28, 2012

I met her at the discount store

That is where I met one of my characters in the third Telomere Trilogy book, End of Eternity. She isn't a lead character, but she is pivotal to one of them. She is the Overseer, keeper of the Dokkaebi's oral history and voice of the Essence.

(The essence is the spiritual entity for these people. In reality it is a...oh, well, I'll go into all that in another post. Focus, AR, focus!)

Hubby and I were cruising the discount store looking for Christmas ornaments. With 3 active boys, 2 big clumsy dogs and 1 inquisitive cat in the house, ornaments take a heavy toll around the holidays. And for the same reason is why we're at the discount store replenishing them and not some fancy-dancy store. Not that my cheapskate senses would EVER buy fancy-dancy anything.

So, there we were. Hubby is relishing the shopping trip and I'm trudging beside him wishing to be anywhere but shopping. (We're opposite the gender stereotype in this manner.) Our cart is full of dozens of ornaments we feel necessary for the season. We round the corner, where half the aisle is Christmas craft projects and the other is school craft projects and coloring books and whatnot...well, there in that aisle, I spotted her.

I swear people, my breath went out of me. She was beautiful in the truest sense of female. I'm not talking those flimsy models who'd blow away on a windy day. They creep me out (sorry if you are's not you, it's me). No, she was the essence of woman. Her whole being radiated with it, from her richly dark skin, a full body made for hugs, and this great smile. Oh my goodness that smile! It was pure happiness and contentment.

She had a handful of coloring books and I got that "teacher" vibe from her. This was a woman created to nurture and guide and mentor. This was my Overseer! I remember thinking. I wanted to ask her her name, what she did for a living...anything to hear her voice which I already imagined would be deep and smooth with a lilt of laughter and joy behind it.

It is no wonder Luna was willing to follow her request to go with Jetta away from her home planet of Asatru. There was so must trusting and goodness enveloping this woman. That sense of knowing in her form.

Where have you all seen your characters? Or are they all in your head?

Monday, May 21, 2012

New Distribution Sites

Hey blogger buddies! Super excited and had to share.

Just heard from my publisher that their books have been added to a couple more distribution sites. Bonus is, these two sites sell books at discounted prices. GROOVY! GROOVY!

Here are the new sites with links to the books, if you're interested.

Google Books (priced at $4.61)
Duty and Devotion
Revelations of Tomorrow (Telomere Trilogy #1)
Echoes of Regret (Telomere Trilogy #2)

Books on Board (ranging in price from $3.59 to $4.49)
Duty and Devotion
Revelations of Tomorrow (Telomere Trilogy #1)
Echoes of Regret (Telomere Trilogy #2)

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Round and Round She Goes...

Fictionally, writers have used the ever-questionable gravity conductors to generate and control gravitons. The coolest being Star Trek, which generated and distributed them into the hull plating. But, aside from pseudo-science experiments around gravitomagnetic torque effect that have no real scientific community confirmation and have not been duplicated, this "gravity generating" technology has not come to fruition.

So, for the purposes of this post, let's stick with concepts that are from more traditional avenues of artificial gravity. Okay, before we begin, I want to clarify that when we talk about this kind of artificial gravity, we're not talking about gravity at all.

What we're talking about is centripetal force (the counteracting of mass by a proportional rotational acceleration). Basically, spinning to give the feeling of weight to one's body. Think the spinning ride at your local amusement park but in a more effective and useful way to allow astronauts and, hopefully, space travelers the ability to function and remain healthy in space.

Studies performed and being performed indicate humans don't need a constant round-the-clock form of gravity to remain conditioned, and they don't believe humans would even need standard earth gravity either. Half earth's gravity and several hours a day could, in theory, suffice to sustain body health and prevent "deconditioning" during a space travels. (Deconditioning is the physical results of zero gravity, such as loss of bone mass and performance deterioration of the circulatory and neurological systems, among other clinical issues.)

The most popular solution scientists are exploring is centrifuge systems. The question of specific centrifuge structure to use for space travel depends on some decisions: continuous artificial gravity vs periodic artificial gravity sessions, and compartment systems or individual name a couple.

Quirky fact: Path of least resistance - in a large vessel or station sized rotational system the occupants would need to walk/move in the same direction as the rotation or dizziness and nausea could ensue. Also, depending on the size/structure, even turning your head could cause these symptoms.

I think in the short term regular "centrifuge sessions" in individual chambers is a sound and cost-effective solution. This is because those first missions will be a small professional crew only and a good testing ground for the technology.

Building too large too fast is not the way to go in space exploration. One vacuum step at a time, people. But it is exciting to jump ahead and imagine the evolution as our exploration evolves.
  1. Individual centrifuge chambers at regular daily sessions for first long distance crew missions and colonization of Mars, moons and satellites.
  2. Multi person chambers round the clock/Individual chambers at regular sessions for broader space travel with small passenger/crew mixture.
  3. Compartment-size systems round the clock for mid and large size transport vessels with large crews needing gravity in their workspaces, but not needing gravity in the payload and common areas. Also could be for larger capacity passenger vessels. Passengers situated in artificial gravity quarters and crew in artificial gravity workspaces with non-gravity areas such as cargo areas and common areas.

  4. Then we reach the vessel-size systems where all areas would have artificial gravity.
There are a million different ways centrifuge systems can be explored and executed. These are just my brainstorms on the concept. Let me know your thoughts, ideas or heck, even your disagreements. Below are a few links I used when exploring the idea. Some are older articles, but hey, the issues been around for a while with no other real solutions being presented. (artificial gravity workout system)

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Perspective Chat Over at the Writer Limits

Let's talk perspectives with protagonists and antagonists, over at the Writer Limits today. Stop by if you have a chance.