Wednesday, June 26, 2013

And the Blog Hop Winners Are...

Ola amigos and amigas!

Happy, happy, Wednesday the 26th. Oh, the 26th, you all know what that means... prize announcement time for the SFR Brigader's Midsummer Blog Hop!

*AR dancing under the imaginary disco globe like an idiot*

Okay first, because let's face it I'm super selfish, I'm going to announce the winners of my blog post. (Also to keep you all in suspense on the grand prize announcements... muawahahahaha *cough* *cough*)

All righty, here we go: Day 1 winners are...

Oh, who am I kidding, I am too much a sucker. All commenters who left an email will get an electronic copy of Case of the Senshi Pearl (IIA, #1). I'll be sending out an email to find out if you want mobi or epub format.

So, now onto the awesome grand prizes:
  • First prize of a $150 gift card and a 30+ ebook bundle - Debra Guyette
  • Second prize of a $50 gift card - Lucinda Copeland
  • The four third prize winners of a $25 gift card - Jbst, Ashley Tucker, Ashfa Anwer and Corrine Alexander
HERE's the link to the official SFR Brigade announcement.

Okey, dokey, now I have to clean up the confetti, streamers, and plastic cups strewn all over my blog. Have a great day all!

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