Thursday, June 6, 2013

Brainstorming Thursday: Human Computers

I think for right now I'm going to stick with brainstorming on my earlier post HERE for your reference.

I'm kind of split. Half of my imagination is thinking about the near future possibilities and the other half is thinking about the real futuristic stuff.

Which way, which way? "Oh bother," as Poo would say... let's go with far-fetched future.

Partly why I want to go with far future is because of social networking and the evolution of how we communicate. We are developing tech devices that are more and more integral in our lives.

Technology is becoming a part of us like a limb, or creepier, an organ. A natural thought progression would be to merge those two concepts, virtual life and biocomputers. 

What if we're thinking too small when we (okay, okay, I) talked about organic pcs and tablets on Monday's post? What if it's a bit scarier and the evolution is to integrate pcs, cellphone and tablet functions into us? WE become the organic computer.

What would a story like this look like? Well, for me, it depends on where in the evolution the story is held. Right at the beginning with a rogue group of resistance fighters? After it's already common and acceptable in society? Or after things have gone wrong and humans are trying to fix their mistake?

I think, actually, I'd like a story after it's already a social norm. This way I could explore the moral dilemma and the human conflict it represents.

Okay, here's my idea:
Maybe a young woman, who's from the poorer side so she doesn't have as much of the tech integration, is trying to live life. She knows  that something's "wrong" with society. She can't pinpoint it because she's never known anything different.

Say she goes to visit her grandpa. He sold his body to a rich man who's body had reached the "end life" and needed replacement. Her grandpa's brain was connected to the virtual world to live it's remaining expected life span as decided by "The Committee". He did this in part to pay for the young woman's college.

From there the story is endless. You could take it anywhere. The virtual system could break down or get a virus and infect society. Maybe trigger an armageddon. One government could infect another governments political and military leaders and instigate a takeover.

Anything is possible. Well, that's my brainstorming for today. What do you guys think would happen? Or do you have another idea all together?


  1. It does seem that we discover the problems with technology or the newest medicine, etc. after it's already fairly widespread on the market. I think you're right to place the conflict after it's the social norm.

    1. Thanks Allie! It does add an added perspective, doesn't it? The only hard thing I'm finding with these brainstorming Thursdays are I want to move on the ideas. LOL, it's really pissing off my current WIP characters.