Thursday, December 23, 2010

Quickie: Writer's Moment

Out into the main battle of the holiday shopping season we went this last weekend. Hubby and I were geared up with our list and our patience. What does this have to do with writing you're asking?

Well, I went out for Christmas shopping and met a couple of my characters in my upcoming manuscript. (The one I'm starting next month, not this one I'm finishing).

I ran into the Essence Overseer in the coloring book area. She was wonderfully beautiful, radiating a maternal aura. Her skin was the rich color of dark chocolate and she had these beautiful tear drop earrings of brushed nickle and bronze. When she smiled at us and we spoke about the books I saw the excitement and love she had picking out dozens of coloring books. I imaged they were for her classroom children, who she was nurturing to become productive and caring adults.

At another store I met the introverted, secretive Genetic Research Physician. My first sight was her long, pen straight dark hair. When she turned, my breath was taken away at the sheer beauty of her naturally bronze skin and long, almond-shaped eyes. I thought Dr. Nequam would have light brown eyes. However, when I met her, she looked on me with these beautiful foggy blue eyes lined with a silver. Her smile was wide and long and showed the inner happiness and joy she tries to keep locked away from all but her adoptive son.

So, fighting the traffic and crowds -- which weren't as bad as last year -- I felt like not only did we conquer the main part of the kids wish lists...I succeeded in getting out into the world and drawing from it for my imaginative world. I guess that's part of being a writer. No matter whether you write fiction or non fiction, westerns or thrillers, you want to exude part of ourselves and our experiences into it. To draw our own outlook on who we are as people and as a community.

Good writing all!

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