Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Where Do You Write?

It's such a simple question. First it's, "Oh, you write. That's cool." Then it's, "What kind of books do you write?" and "Are you published?"

These are easily answered: "Thank you." "Speculative and Sci-Fi." "Yes."

I've even laid out my plan for speaking about my upcoming debut novel. (See Fumbled It for details on that "AR Moment".) But, what do you say when someone flips a 180 on you and asks, "Where do you write?"

Hmmm...it's a great question. One that shows interest and not just the polite reply. I know some writers are very rigid about the where, when, and how they write. I had to think about it before I realized....anywhere.

I'm truly not picky. I do try to have two "writing sessions" a week where I lock myself in the backroom and write uninterrupted. Uninterrupted in my household is defined as less than 4 knocks on the door for something or another. (Trust me, this is an amazing definition considering I'm married with 4 kids, 2 dogs, and a cat.)

Other than that I spend the hour to hour and a half in the evening putting the kids to bed writing. They lay in my bed watching their calm down show while I sit with the laptop and write. I sit at the couch and write while the 4 kids are playing by themselves, their friends, or each other. And I'll write on my lunch break if a scene is giving me problems. I've even jotted down things waiting in the car while my husband runs into the store for something.

150 words, 300 word, 1000 words. It doesn't matter in those mini sessions. The important thing is it's 150, 300, or 1000 I wouldn't have had if I'd only stuck with my formal writing sessions. The important thing is that I'm writing.

So, where do all you writers write? Are there just scenarios where you can't focus?

Good writing all (not matter where or when)!


  1. Being a writer, you'd think I could come up with some witty answer to that for those who don't write. But alas, words escape me. I too write wherever I can lay a paper down long enough to apply the pen to it. Snippets here and there, in the car, etc. I come home from work some days, looking as though I've in a nightclub collecting phone numbers - given all the little scraps of papers that tumble out of my pockets! Very nice post BTW!

  2. Great site and really good topic. For writing: I actually have a notebook that is sutured to my wrist while I am plotting, then when I start writing I panster write on a word doc that I send everywhere. Just found Dropbox, which might streamline that process - whew! Happy Holidays!

  3. Haha, Linda! That image of you with all the scraps of paper made my day. I have my own little collection of post its, torn notepaper, and even a fast food napkin once.

    Gina, I like the notebook idea. I have a little notebook where I jot down addresses and direction...I might modify it to include story notes. I'll have to check out Dropbox.

    Thank you both for visiting! AR