Friday, July 6, 2012

Feeling Accomplished

You know those days where everything just seems to click? Well, that's my today.

Finished the final revision round this morning on my latest SF book. The first in a SF case-mystery series. To let that stew a bit before editing rounds kicks off, I decided to tackle the outlining and story bible of the second book in the series.

That led to a wonderful day of brainstorming plots and subplots, technology frameworks, science facts and doing image searches for world and character development.

Writer's heaven folks, writer's heaven...


It's now reaching evening and I have the starting outline of my story, some visuals of my characters, and an awesome start to my world. Not to mention a really, really groovy antagonist. One so evil and sadistic I'm going to enjoy writing him.

*does hammer dance*

Now I just hope I can lay it down on paper as close to the vision in my head as possible.


  1. LOL, well I hope so, too!
    Sounds great. I wish I had been as productive :( *jealous*


  2. Now THAT sounds like a great day! You're right. Writer heaven. My day today consists of NOT editing. I think I need a day off. You're making up for my lack of work. LOL!

  3. Hi Karla! My days aren't usually so productive...LOL, probably why I had to blog about the moment.

    Patty, sometimes a day off is exactly what you need to reset the energy clock.