Monday, July 9, 2012

Friendship Peak

During my daily dose of research, I stumbled across a Yahoo slideshow highlighting NASA Mars pictures and then BHAM! Gusev Crater popped up. As many of you know, Gusev Crater is where Rinny Matterville from Duty and Devotion trained.

If you look into the distant right you'll see the mountain she and her friends drove to, the one they nicknamed "Friendship Peak"

Here's the link to the slideshow in case you're interested

Excerpt "Friendship Peak":
They reached the crater edge in less than two hours and stopped the vehicle. Climbing into the back, they helped each other into surface suits and started exiting procedures. When they stepped out, Rinny gazed up into the atmosphere and then took in the mountain range. The contrast of the tea-stained sky and the burnt orange range, all in a vivid watercolor tone enraptured Rinny's passion. For a fleeting moment, she wished she were a painter and not a musician. No notes could bring out the emotions the scene caused in her soul. Danny stepped up beside her and Journey.

Rinny turned to them. "You ready, explorers?"

Her voice sounded metallic in the voice transmitters. She couldn't see their faces clearly through the reflective face covers. They double-checked the foot weights and oxygen pressure then headed out. The ground was thick with dust. They had to lift their feet clear or start a dust cloud. They chatted as they worked their way up the crater. A thin layer of dust coated their white suits by the time they reached the top. After clearing off each other's helmets, they took in the Gusev Valley floor all the way out to the Columbia Hills colony.

"It's beautiful," Danny whispered.

"Wow, this is an amazing view." Journey did a full turn and then took hold of Rinny's hand through the bulk of the suit's gloves. "It's like we're the first ones to be here."

Using her free hand, Rinny took Danny's. Standing there, all three holding hands, she felt the connection of friendship. "We've conquered this spot. We'll call it Friendship Peak."


  1. I really do think I'd enjoy your books. I'm going to pick one up--soon!

  2. Thanks Patty! I'm glad you liked the excerpt!

  3. It really is an amazing view. That's so cool to have a picture to go with your excerpt.

  4. I know! Sometimes in SF you don't always get an image to fit the visual in your head so well.

    A rare moment. Must cherish...