Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Writer Limits Crossover Guest: Jennifer Hartz

Hi all! Today I have a guest. One of my contributor buddies from The Writer Limits (TWL), Jennifer Hartz, for a crossover event TWL is putting on. All the TWL contributors will be flipping and swapping guest posts with each other.

Jennifer is a fabulous writer and I'm super excited to have her on today. She's going to talk about her world building technique for The Future Svaior Series. Go for it, Sister!

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Why in the World Do I Put Biblical Mirroring in My Books?

When I set out to write The Future Savior Series I knew I wanted to incorporate a lot of Biblical mirroring… but why? Here's the best answer I can give you. It comes from someone who recently reviewed Future Savior Book 2: Resurrection:

"I absolutely loved all the scenes that had Biblical parallels. Those scenes especially, really made me want to grab my Bible so that I could read about the real events!!!"

I have a hard time talking to people. Especially people I don't know very well, but as a Christian I know I'm called to talk to people about Christ. How can I do this when the talking thing certainly isn't my cup of tea? The answer - writing!

But now the new question is what kind of writing. I'm not a big fan on non-fiction books… Blah, boring! So I knew a straight, informative non-fiction kind of book was never gonna happen. And regular, normal, contemporary fiction bore me. Why would I want to read about something I could do myself? No, I want to go to a galaxy far, far away or visit a land never before seen! So the answer became quite clear - speculative fiction!

Meshing these two things together - Biblical Mirroring and Speculative Fiction - resulted in The Future Savior Series. I've created a speculative world that Non-Christians and Christians will be interested in checking out and along the way I've sprinkled in some Bible stories. The result will have them reaching for a Bible to compare and contrast. I just got them to open up God's Word!

That was my desire when I put Biblical mirroring in The Future Savior Series, so I was thrilled to see it actually happen like in the review snippet above.

In my follow up posts to The Writer Limits Cross-Over Extravaganza, I'll break down each novel in The Future Savior Series and pinpoint the Bible references. Stay tuned because there could very well be a much anticipated excerpt from the upcoming release of Future Savior 4: Desecration!

Here's where you can find me on the web:

Twitter: @JenniferLHartz

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Now, while she's here today, I'll be over there at her blog so make sure you stop by I'm talking about immortality people. IMMORTALITY! (You know you're interested.)


  1. I'm so glad you stopped by today, Jennifer! Your series is great!

  2. Very interesting, Jenn. Food for thought as I read.