Thursday, December 31, 2009

December Status Check

New Story Ideas by Length:
Flash Fiction: 0
Short Story: 1
Novella: 0
Novel: 0
Series: 0

(My focus this month has been to complete my novel. January should have more here as I'm starting to focus on my other pieces/outlines starting tomorrow.)

Current Story Progress:
Outlined: 2
In Progress: 4
Halted: 1
Completed: 2 (1 novel, 1 short story)
Archived: 0
Published: 0

(I think I could've lost a few short stories and outlines in progress or halted in the "Flash Drive incident" but since they're gone I'm just not going to fret.)

Agent/Publisher Search:
Queries: 2 still out (1 sent in December)
Request for Partials: 0
Rejections: 0

Submission Status:
Submissions: 8
Accepted: 0
Revise & Resubmit: 0
Contests: 1
Rejections: 5
Waiting Response: 9

Okay folks, that's all she wrote (literally). Good writing all!

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