Wednesday, December 9, 2009

New Short Story

Now that the official draft of Sorcerer's Carnival has been completed, I'm letting it simmer before tackling the machete edit phase. My plans were to go back to Galileo's playground for a bit but my muse had a different idea...a new short story.

A new story?

Yes, I know what you're thinking. "Whip that muse into shape and get to work on the Galileo as you planned," right?

But, well...I didn't want too. There, I said it. I. didn't. Want. To. And seeing as my muse was very accommodating with Sorcerer's Carnival I felt she needed time to go wherever she wanted.

I haven't named the story yet, but it's loosely (loosely in it's true meaning) based on the Navajo Creation story. Being raised in Colorado, I was given a very unique experience. That region has a great respect for American history, the whole American history.

Growing up, my step dad made sure to take us to the Native American sites, to many of the traditional Pow Wows, and to all the Settler museums he could find. I've met many great people who have worked to pass down their heritage...including the oral stories told by their ancestors.

I don't remember when I first heard the creation story, but I remember it stayed with me. It wasn't until a couple months ago that I ran into the story again, this time on-line. Many happy memories flooded through me as I read it. I know it's corny, but I felt those memories in every one of my senses.

I haven't been back to Colorado since I left it sixteen years ago (minus a midnight pass-through for my Grandma's funeral in Kansas). Even so, I smelled the grass of the plains, I felt the summer heat of the mile high, I could hear the whistling wind of the foothills.

I wasn't looking for a writing idea when I read it but all you writers know, everything you read, see, and hear is packed away for some future use. Sunday night I just couldn't focus on Galileo. Instead, I went to bed and let my mind rest.

And I dreamed of Indians.

But not just Indians, the first Indians. The people who came from the underworld through the magic reed and created the Earth as we know it. This dream was so vivid, so tangible, I woke up sad that I had to leave it. Childishly, I even tried to go back to sleep and dream myself there again.

Revved up, Monday and yesterday I did the needed foundational research. Excited at the prospect of bringing this vision to paper. Last night, after the younger kids went to bed I pulled out my laptop and typed. It was only when my husband walked in for bedtime I realized it was after 11 pm.

I had written almost 3500 words in little over 2 hours. I had the framework for my story, and the start of the ending.

Re-reading it, I was impressed with myself. I'm a humble writer and recognize I'll never be a Stephen King or Isaac Asimov. But looking over my rough work, I saw my dream in words. It needs to be shined and fleshed out still, but I am happy with this first draft.

It's as close to the dream I'll ever get again...and that's okay.

Good writing all!

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