Monday, December 28, 2009

Writing Update

The holiday overall has been a great writing time. It started a little rough when, through the natural clumsiness gene, one of my younger sons tripped and ran into my flash drive. This officially broke it and all the writing on it poofed away into the land of the lost.

After I restarted my heart, I thanked my blessings and my online writing group for kick starting my online backup habit. I easily retrieved everything but the last week's worth of work (about 2 chapters).

So today's writing update will seem like a lot more than usual, mainly because it's a little bit catch up from my recovery work.

Words Cut: 640
Words Added (above the cut amount): 5830
Chapters to Go: 4 (I merged two)
Estimated Time to Completion: 1 Week (hard goal but I'm determined to finish it during my vacation this week)

So, there ya go. Good writing all!

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