Saturday, December 5, 2009


Every writer faces that moment where they envision tossing the main character over a cliff...followed by the manuscript.

I'm there.

I want to take Barabin, my sorcerer in Sorcerer's Carnival, and heave him over after beating the living...sigh. Two deep breaths. One long shoulder roll. Unclench teeth.

I am trying the strategy I laid out in the previous post. As you can tell. It isn't working. I am so frustrated, I'm seeing red. (Yes's my writing journal and I'll use them if I want)

Okay, okay. Enough with this attitude. I must get back on track here. Somehow.

Am I forcing this story? I've heard that some stories end up being duds. I've have a couple in my time. It's just that I was soooo excited about this one. And the anthology it's slated for sounds very interesting.

I don't know. I feel stuck. I feel that if I don't stick to my guns I will be taking a step back in my "writing-as-a-secondary-career" development. Is it that the story does in fact suck? Or is it that my writing is just sucking in reference to this story right now?

Something to think about.

Good writing all! (Hopefully better then mine right now)

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