Saturday, February 6, 2010

Science Updates

Space Taxi's for NASA Astronauts. I know a lot of people are worried that privatizing shuttle launching and exploration will start capital exploitation of the galaxy but I don't. Some of the greatest advances in history came from the private sector. They had gumption and geeky passion to excel where government programs were bogged down with red tape. Mark my words, this will be the rebirth of space exploration interest that we've been needing.

Restoring Human Vision. Can you imagine? Being able to correct blindness in our lifetime. If this new advance in cell regeneration continues at this'll happen. I'm so excited that we won't need La Forge's head gear to accomplish it.

Parenting License? Now, there are some parents I see throughout the day that I think, "Oh man, there should be a license to become a parent." But when I think about it, it's based on the maturity and responsibility of that person...not their genetic make-up. This test is a little scary because it resonates hints of Hitler's drive to "purify" the human race. The technology behind this rides a very thin slippery slope. But hey! It's great as a story concept.

End of the Aging Process. Vampires beware. Humans are also nearing the ability to live forever, and we won't need damning our souls or sucking blood to do it either. Or would we be damning our souls? It depends on your beliefs on the purpose of life. For me, this could really end the meaning of life and human development. In short, it would stunt human growth and evolution. If you get a chance read The Boat of a Million Years by Poul Anderson. Very good approach to this very topic (maybe I'll do a review of it).

Well, that's what I found interesting and possible points for future stories. Hope they weren't too boring.

Good writing all!


  1. Ar! Thanks for the wrap up. I love all these ideas. I don't think ending aging will end everything. It could affect it, but it could also give people more time to develop cool stuff.

    BTW- My FMC in Twisted Metal is named after you. I thought you'd be amused. :o)

  2. It would be something to stay alive long enough to see all the cool inventions thought of today come to fruition...I still think there could be issues.

    If we aren't colonizing the solar system by that time it's gonna get crowded real fast and then there'd be growth rate controls and the kick-off of the Prenting License thing...eek!

    But I do get a little "conspiracy" with those topics...probably all the 80s Sci-Fi I read as a kid.

    (Love that you have a character with my name...very cool :) Make sure to make her/him REALLY crazing.)