Monday, February 15, 2010

Science Updates

Sorry my science updates are late. I've been planning my son's birthday party and working overtime this week...and all the other life things we writers have to juggle against our creativity.

First Brain Recordings from Flying Fruit Flies -Here's that term Bioengineering again, this time associated with flies. I don't know how many of you know this, but fruit flies have assisted in some of our greatest scientific achievements. They are pretty cool in a creepy kinda way (early sci-fi music playing in the background).

Okay, now to the serious stuff...this could lead to some serious sci-fi concepts both in neuro-engineering development, artificial intelligence, hybrid human/species development. Think about it...a human with the flight ability of a fly...or the complex site of a fly.

Updates on the Dark Matter...matter - Some more scientists are trying to track and "find" dark matter. There's a reason why it's called dark, dude. It's a mysterious power that's like the universe's vampire. Maybe we really don't want to open up that box. Maybe it resides on another level for a reason. There are some great places you can take a story using the context of dark matter. I'm surprised more people haven't exploited the concept...hmmm *jots down notes*.

One step closer to galactic communications - 'Nuff of the coolest finds for sci-fi writing...and for the future of space colonization. I do admit, the associated picture was a bit of a letdown. I was looking more for...the bridge of Star Trek.
Okay. Well, those are the science updates I saw this week that were pretty cool.
Good writing all!

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