Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Feeding My Muse

I spent most of the last few days doing writing administrative work. Tonight during a pure writing session I found myself staring at the blank screen. Well, not totally blank...and not really staring. I stared for about two minutes before cruising the web, checking comments on my blogs, and overall being an unfocused slug.

Finally reaching peak aggravation, I put the laptop down and did some weird dancing in my writing space (weird is the only dancing I can do...).

That got me out of the web-surfing mode, but I still had no creative direction. My muse was out and I was at fault. I didn't keep her fed. I didn't keep her interested. I was a bad host and hadn't even realize she'd stepped out until I needed her.

"Selfish, selfish, selfish AR!"

So my well was dry, I thought walking back to my laptop. I tripped over air (it happens often) and stumbled into the bed.

I cursed and then giggled, "At least I wasn't near a well. I would've fell in."

My Muse came squealing into my head way above the speed limit and crashed into my eyeballs. She bounced backwards into the creative writing part of my brain. This is also her apartment; she'll a little messy but remembers to do the dishes.

She'd connected my earlier thoughts and came home with an idea. Let me share her formula with you:

Now I have a fantasy story outlined that involves a woman, a well, a mythical maze, and tragic love. I'm really excited to bite my teeth into it (the story...not a woman, well, or maze).

Good writing all!

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