Sunday, February 14, 2010

The Business of Writing

Ugh...this last week as been more of a virtual cleaning house for me. I went through and tidied up my submission tracker, made status queries, replied to rejections (a thank-you is polite...even when they rip out your ego with a large steak fork), finished outlining brainstorm ideas, etc, etc, etc.

It's days like these I realize writing is no longer in my hobby column. Writing is my second business. A few sucky parts of this fact:
  • I'm my own boss
  • I'm a horrible employee (writers fits, blocks, and full-blown meltdowns)
  • I have to actually track my work and make progress
  • I have to look at my writing objectively and through the eyes of my..."buyers"
But, it's all worth it when I see those acceptance emails (does Indian chant and dance to ensure they keep coming).

Well, at least February's progress report will be a littler meatier.

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