Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Author Interview: Stephanie Burkhart

Okay crew. I'm so excited about today's post. It's my first author interview. Stephanie Burkhart is a contributing author to Desert Breeze's newest SFR release, Borealis II. I thought I'd interview her about writing the anthology and about her story, Shadows and Light. Ready? 5, 4, 3, 2, 1...

Steph: First, I'd like to thank Amber for having me here today to talk about the Borealis II Anthology and my short story, "Shadows and Light."

Just a little about me: After being raised in New Hampshire and growing a wicked New England accent, this Patriot fan joined the US Army for a great adventure. I spent 7 years in Germany and I miss Lullusfest, a weeklong bonfire festival in Bad Hersfeld that has really hot cinnamon schnapps. In 1991 I married a fair-haired California boy and in 2000 we settled in Castaic, just north of LA. I now work for LAPD as a 911 dispatcher, and my wicked England accent is practically a whisper these days.

Amber: Before we get to your specific story tell us a little about the anthology and how you became a participating author.

Steph: Author J. Morgan was chatting to Gail Delaney, Editor-in-Chief, Desert Breeze Publishing, and said, "Wouldn't it be cool to write a science fiction anthology?" Gail ran with it. There are 3 stories in the Borealis II anthology, each centered around a backdrop of a space station.

One day at lunch, Gail mentioned it to me, and I told her I'd be interested. She kept me in mind. A couple weeks later she came up to me and asked if I wanted to write a story. I said sure. I had never tackled science fiction romance before so I was excited to try my hand in it.

Amber: Tell us a little about Shadows and Light.

Steph: Sarina, (from Gail's story in Borealis I, Forgive us our Debts) asked my heroine, Persephone Talon to investigate the Uudon Trade on the Borealis. Elijah Kess, also a member of the Rebellion, is there undercover. Soon, they start stepping on each other's toes. Persephone provides the shadows, Elijah provides the light in the story.

Amber: What was your inspiration for the story?

Steph: I was given a basic plot so I took inspiration in the little things. Casting my characters gives me inspiration, so I cast Frieda Pinto as Persephone and Kellan Lutz as Elijah. With Persephone's name and the cast of characters that support her, I turned to Greek mythology. Nirvana's "Smells like Teen Spirit," inspired Persephone's bar, Korn.

Amber: What kind of research did you do for the story?

Steph: I just called on my love of Star Trek for my research. There's a little Savvik in Persephone. (She's telepathic and telekinetic) DS9 let me picture a space station in my mind.

Amber: What do you enjoy most about writing science fiction?

Steph: The creativity it allows an author to use.

Amber: Can you tell us more about your other published works?

Steph: "The Hungarian" is a paranormal romance about a werewolf who falls in love. It takes place in 1901. "The Giving Meadow" is my children's book with 4RV Publishing. It's about a caterpillar who travels through a meadow making friends and learning to share.

Amber: Any upcoming projects:

Steph: My next release with Desert Breeze is "The Count's Lair" and it's about Anton and Amelia from "The Hungarian."

I have a Christmas sort story coming out in a "A Christmas Collection, Stimulating" from Victory Tales Press on 15 NOV called "Christmas in Bayeux." Aiden reconnects with Noel on the Beaches of Normandy.

My horror short story called "The Scorpion Temple" will be released in issue 12 of the Ethereal Gazette in DEC 2010 with Lake Fossil Press. It has a Lovecraftian influence, and will be under my pen name, SG Cardin.

Amber: Where can we find you on the web?


Website: http://sgcardin.tripod.com/

Blog: http://sgcardin.blogspot.com/

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Stephanie-Burkhart-Author/149938795021166?ref=ts

Here's a link to the Shadows & Light Story Teaser on You Tube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YV2moYlgwCA

Apollo and Dan walked out. Persephone used her telekinesis to exit through the access hatch. She moved with elegant grace, like a panther through the tunnels until she climbed out through a hatch in the hallway near the lift that was next to the space dock. Civilians mulled about, not giving her a look. It was best for a civilian to mind their own business, especially in this area of the station.

Persephone waited next to the lift door, arms crossed. Adrenaline spiked through her body when the lift hummed to life. This was it -- the reward of the pursuit. This was where the rush of the thrill took over. It was a sensation she gave herself completely over to. Instincts, raw and powerful, were the only things that would save her and Elijah and get them off this Hades- forsaken station.

She stepped in front of the lift. The door slid open with a cold, metallic hiss.

Elijah stood between of two TPP enforcers, his eye still swollen, his lower lip cracked with dried blood. She marched into the lift and lashed out, striking both the enforcers in the stomach with her fists. They crumpled over, reacting as she expected them to. She shoved an elbow into one enforcer's back, forcing him to his knees. Her leg surged up, kicking the other enforcer in the jaw. He tumbled backward, struck his head on the sidewall, and fell unconscious. She spun around and saw the second enforcer fumbling for his pistol on his belt. She swung, her hand connecting with the side of his head. He fell over unconscious.

Elijah looked at her, his back against the wall of the lift, looking winded. "I thought you'd never come."

She pulled out a sim laser from her belt and motioned for Elijah to move away from the wall. Carefully, she used the laser to break the metal links of his cuffs. They fell, clanking to the floor.

"You needed a good sweat."

Elijah bent down, a little unsteady, and took the pistols from the unconscious enforcers. "I take it you have a plan?"

"Yeah, but it involves walking through Hades."

"You shouldn't have."

She grabbed his arm and looked directly at him. "Just point and shoot when we get to the space dock."

His lips curved into a small smile. "A woman after my own heart."


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  1. flundeCongratulations, Steph! I always thought that anyone who could write a category of science fiction truly had the greatest imagination. I'm too rooted to the earth to be able to imagine anything of the sort, so I do admire your talent and creativity. Good luck with your segment of the anthology--and the cover is truly out of this world. Celia

  2. Me AGAIN. I noticed my post begins with "flunde." That was the word verification! What??? Celia

  3. I love the excerpt Steph! I started reading my copy of the story last night and had to stop when life intervened. Looking forward to getting back to it.

    Best Wishes!


  4. Great post Steph, and I loved the excerpt. I can really connect with this since not only do I love writing and reading romantic SF, but I wrote a story for the Wild Rose Press's 'Muse' series which featured the nine Greek muses - it's such fun mixing old myths with modern ideas, isn't it!

    I'm going to have to read 'Shadows and Light, the excerpt really drew me in.

    By the way, my favourite Star Trek series is 'The Next Generation.' I loved the characters and the plots were more sophisticated than the first series, but still retained the 'feel' of the original.

  5. Ah, Steph, you know how much I love a wounded hero and a kick-a** heroine. I love the excerpt and can't wait to read this story.

  6. Lovely interview, Stephanie! I started out with the original Star Trek series, so that's the one I'm still the most familiar with (ah, Mr. Spock and Bones :)), but I also enjoy the more modern TNG cast and stories. I used to read a lot more sci-fi, and am delighted to "rediscover" it now as an adult! Looking forward to the Borealis II anthology!

  7. Amber,
    You have an awesome blog and site!

    I can't imagine writing SF - you are so multi-talented as an author! I loved The Hungarian and look forward to The Count's Lair. And I really enjoyed your story in the Christmas Anthology. I mean who can resist reading a story with the setting on the Beaches of Normandy!

    Great excerpt of Shadows and Light. Hope you have wonderful sales from all your books!

  8. Thanks to everyone who popped in yesterday it's goodie time. hehe.

    Celia, (hugs) go figure on the word verification but at least we know what it is now. LOL!! I like the cover, too. Jenifer does a great job with them.

    Maggie, (waves) "Hi."

    Lyn, thanks for popping in. I enjoyed ST: TNG as well. They did a good job with it. My favorite of all the ST TV series.

    Keena, Persephone was fun to write. She has all the cool toys.

    flechin1, I like the Original series as well. My son just started watching and that's his favorite, too.

    Diane, I'm looking forward to reading your story in the anthology as well. I enjoy your writing very much. I'm tickled pink you like mine as well.


    Congrats to Lyn who won the GC to Amazon. Please send me an email w/your contact info so I can send that GC out to you.

    Winners of the autographed postcards are: flchen1 and Diane! Please send me an email at sgcardin1@yahoo.com with your snail mails and I'll get them right out to you.


  9. WHOOT! Way to go winners!

    Thank you all for stopping by! I really appreciated all your comments.

    LOL! Thank you Diane for the compliment on my blog...I was going for subtle sci-fi geek (heehee)