Saturday, January 8, 2011

Procrastinating My Procrastination

Oh Boy! Muse has gone and done it. And we'd been working soooo well together. Now I know the looks you group of writer friends who don't believe in Muses are giving me...This is what I title my creativity.

There's really not a little Warrior Chick in a short skirt, long jacket, and high heeled boots with a whip in my head. No matter how much my Hubby wished there were...of course there was that one time, in Lake Tahoe...oops TMI, TMI! (Heehee)

Here's what it comes down too.

She's all excited about this new series I dreamed about a couple month ago. She's been all excited and still geared about the Telomere Trilogy, but her flaky interest shifted fully today. It's been constantly on her mind and hence, she's pushed it into my mind.

Needless to say, I've been battling with her to focus all day on the current WIP. I'm losing the battle. I need to write a waterfall scene, just a simple waterfall scene...and what do I get? Nothing.



Now we're at a stand off. It's dry and hot. There's Clint Eastwood western stand off music in the background. I swear, a tumbleweed crossed my path...I think I'll have a toothpick sticking out the corner of my mouth too as I toss out a heavily crowfeet squint. There'll be the long dust jacket....AND SPURS! I've got to have silver spurs! I want a ivory handled gun resting in a holster riding low on my hip....

Dang it! I've gone and got distracted again. Now I'm procrastinating my procrastination!

Good writing all (or as in my case procrastination daydreaming)...


  1. This post was some good writing! I can hear the music, see the stand off and see the spurs! Now, just get that muse to focus! One thing you could do is write enough of the other to appease the hungry thing and promise more if she'll just help you with the waterfall. Bribery CAN work!

  2. Thanks Jillian!

    I'm trying. That is a good idea. I think I'll let her loose a bit on the new idea...and then blackmail her. Heehe

  3. The tumbleweed just makes my day.

    Maybe you should let your Muse sketch of few chapters from the soon-to-be project in outline form before forcing it back to hard labor on the current WIP?

    It sometimes works for me.

  4. Haha! I'm glad I could make your day Liana...I did take that advice and let me tell you I think that's one of the factors that led to my "ah ha" moment.