Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Stylish Blogger

Now, those of you who know and see me in the physical form everyday are not allowed to laugh...don't. Don't. I can still hear you.


I'm going to ignore it because I'm so excited and honored to be given this award by a couple awesome groovy friends of mine, Jillian Chantel and Marva Dasef. Now, they appreciate the geeky chic I'm going for here...okay, it's a stretch. I know it. You know it...but I'm going with it until you have proof otherwise (heehee).

Now, I must list 7 things you might not know about me (it's the rules...no Las Vegas reveals to be included...as if). Another rule is to link back to these rockin' chickies (see links above). Sooooo not a prob because they're AWESOME. The last rule is to nominate 10 other great bloggers. *rubs hands anxiously*

Okay, now be prepared for the unreal, unimaginable reveal of the Infamous A.R...watch out, prepare yourself, have your pacers ready...

  1. I can't eat crab because I found out they are sea spiders
  2. I have at least one accident a day that involves me, myself, and I (i.e. I trip going up stairs)
  3. I rock out to music in the car
  4. I secretly love watching Housewives of Orange County (I guess not so much a secret anymore....huh?)
  5. I still daydream about becoming a Kung Fu Master (in these dreams I kick butt like Bruce Lee...in real life it'd be more like Kung Fu Panda)
  6. After 17 years in the Bay Area, I still can't ride down the steep hills of San Francisco without whimpering like a baby and gripping the seat handle
  7. I played 4 band instruments in high school (trumpet, baritone, french horn, and....tuba)

'Kay, those are the dust bunnies from my secret squirrel closet. Now I get the fun of awarding this to 10 other awesome bloggers.

  1. Michelle Davidson Argyle The Innocent Flower
  2. Liana Brooks http://lianabrooks.blogspot.com/
  3. Krista D. Ball http://kristadball.com/blog/
  4. Celia Yeary http://celiayeary.blogspot.com/
  5. Sue Perkins http://sueperkinsauthor.blogspot.com/
  6. Stephanie Burkhart Romance Under the Moonlight
  7. Nike Chillemi Crime Fictionista
  8. Melanie Atkins Writing Cops...It's What I Do
  9. Samantha Dean Mama's Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up to be Cowboys
  10. Madrona Grove http://splawssji.blogspot.com/

Now, I just have to notify them all...but I'll save that for tomorrow because I'm pooped.

Good writing all!


  1. HEY! I'm a Klutz too and love to sing in the car. Not so much a karate person but the spouse is a second degree black belt.