Thursday, January 6, 2011

Writing Progress

Wow...haven't done one of these progress posts in a while. Okay, well, truthfully all my focus has been on my trilogy writing, which you can see the progress in the bars (top right part of blog). What prompted this crazy, spontaneous progress report?

I got short listed for a short story of mine. I know! I submitted Poseidon's Cube almost a year ago now and with the craziness of the last few months, forgot all about it. To my defense, the deadline is far away. It's not closed until May of this year.

Okay, what else we got?

Ah yes, Duty and Devotion is about to gear up for its release date in June. Publisher edits and cover art should be kicking off in the next couple of months. I've got to start planning blog tours, review submission preps, excerpts and the book trailer. (Lions, tigers, and bears OH MY!)

Current project, Telomere Trilogy, is chugging along well. I'll be starting house style edits and the cover input sheet for Book 1: Revelations of Tomorrow. I'm in final draft edits with Book 2: Echoes of Regret. And of course, I'm laying out the rough draft of Book 3: Ending Eternity.

My muse is already dreaming about my future projects...for after Telomere Trilogy. I'm holding her back with a whip and can of hairspray (couldn't find my mace). We'll see how long it works.

OH! A little odd ball news. I'm not sure what it means because I haven't really given it much time or thought but I ran across my Free Reads on Barnes and Nobles. I forgot Smashwords will publish to all the various sites. Any-who, I found them and was surprised at the rankings. Out of all the books on that huge site, Maka's Quest has a Sales Rank of 11,364 and Butterfly Cocoon a sales rank of 12,714. This prompted me to check my dashboard on Smashwords and found that several hundreds people have downloaded my Free Reads . At an average of 6 people per day! That was pretty exciting to me...hence the exclamation mark in the previous sentence. Now I just wish a couple of those readers would leave a comment or a review. I love to hear from people how they like or dislike my work.

So, those are my updates. What are you all working on?

Good writing and reading all!


  1. Free Reads is a good idea. Did it distribute as free to Kindle or did you opt out on that? I have to set my Smashword prices to the Kindle price. Their license agreement requires that I guess.

    I should put together of book of short stories or something for a freebie. As it is, I always have coupons so people can get my books free by contacting me. Shoot, I've posted a coupon all over creation for my latest book on Smashwords.

  2. Oh, boy,'ve just given me homework! I didn't even think about Kindle. I just checked the Kindle/Amazon store and neither were there. So, I then checked Smashwords Distribution Manager and it states Smashwords and Amazon are working on "technical integration".

    From what's listed the Free Reads are available on B&N, Sony, Kobo, and Diesel. (Who knew?)

    I think a short story compilation would be awesome, though I do like them individually too. I've gotten emails from a couple readers who liked the quick lunchtime reads. Plus, marketing/promotion wise it gets more hits on your name out there in the WWW.

    I have thought it would be cool for the SF Brigaders to put together a SF Brigade Anthology with flashes and shorts. I just haven't proposed it yet.

    Thanks for stopping by! Homework assignment and all ;)

  3. Great news!

    I'm waiting for Smashwords to get my free story into Barnes & Noble. I've had lots of downloads at SW, but I'm hoping for some exposure at B&N. So far my stuff is doing much better at Amazon.

  4. I'll have to check out your free read on SW, Lindsey. How did you get it on Amazon? Did you upload separately or did it just work out in the magic that is the internet?

    (Love your avatar by the way...very groovy!)