Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I Have a Dream

I have a dream. It's not a complicated dream that involves revolution, changing society, or any such world altering thing. It's simple. So simple. But it's those simple ones that get you. Because they're uncomplicated, they're more tangible. Your brain can envision the success of them easier and it makes the want much much more.

So, back to this simple dream. Want to hear it? Really? Okay, I'll tell you...

I would love to wake up every morning, drink a cup of coffee in my backyard (or inside if it's raining or windy), then walk into my office and sit at the computer. From there, I want to fill up a white screen with words. Lots of words. But not just any words. Words that make people laugh. And make them cry. And maybe, sometimes, make them look at things a little bit differently.

I don't mind if some people wouldn't like my work. Like I said, it's not a big hairy audacious dream. I just want enough people to like my work that all I have to do it sit and fill words on my white screen all day.

Well, there it is. My dream. Nothing glamorous or sexy. Just. One. Simple. Dream.

Unlike some though, I can't just sit and dream. Ask my husband. When I decide I want something I go for it. It's what I call the "Want, Plan, Achieve" method. I find out or discover what I want. I lay it out on paper. List the end point and what it'll take to get there. Oh, and then there's the spreadsheets! Those wonderful, loving spreadsheets where I track my progress. Then I go and reach the milestones one by one. Oh, don't get me wrong, I've fallen. There's physical, mental, and spiritual scars to prove it. But I get up, wipe off the blood, tears, and disappointment and get back to getting what I want.

I've met a lot of goals by this method of "Want, Plan, Achieve". I just can't dream. Dreams are no fun if you're not working to make them real. And the victory of success is not worthy if you have no scars to show for it.

I'm getting this dream of writing my days away. Several milestones are past and more are in the near future and just beyond lays the goal. So close. So tangible.

So what are your dreams? What paths have you taken to get there and what bumps have you overcome to keep going?


  1. Sounds like a nice dream. I'd like to write my days away too. Unfortunately, a full-time job, husband, and 4 kids get in the way. Even when I do have some free time, I tend to get sidetracked. My goals: try to stay focused and get some writing done every day, even if it's just a page.

  2. Nice dream, sounds like something you can definitely turn into reality. My dream? To go back to Paris.

  3. We share the same dream. I'd love to drink early-morning coffee at my computer every morning and write out my heart and soul. I love the way you described your dream. With God's help my other life dreams have come true. As you describe, I planned and worked to make it happen. May God bless us both so that one day, this dream comes true, too. Blessings, Barb

  4. Great Dream, Amber. I love my day job but I do wish for more time to write - Not sure I could do it full time. Then it's be too much like a job!

  5. @Shannon - I'm with ya on the hubby and 4 kids. You set a great I'm also trying to balance.

    @Julia - That's a great dream! I'd go to Paris but my food pallate is too Americanized.

    @BJ - ((HUGS)) Thank you so much for the encouragement.

    @Jillian - Haha! Got a point there!

  6. AMBER--yes, a lovely dream. Wouldn't we all like that? This marketing/promoting thing isn't easy, and it eats up time, but even so...I even like that part in some measure. I like to see results from my work.
    I think we all thought we'd write a book, get it published, then sit back and wait for our check. I know I certainly had not idea how much work there would be. It's a good thing we are driven, or we wouldn't doit---would we?
    Very good post--Celia

  7. you have great dream me i wish to graduate form college but i do not now if the medical is going to stop me

  8. @ Celia - Oh yeah. Totally didn't see that aspect in full reality. Thank you for the comment!

    @desitheblonde - That's a wonderful dream. I hope your health problems won't stop you. Keep me posted and thanks for stopping by! ((HUGS))