Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Oh Yeah...We're There

Oh boy! My brain (and eye balls) are ready to explode. It's the major editing saga of March, which will drone on into April. I'm just coming off of first round edits with my publishing editor on Duty and Devotion. Now I'm wading through the sluggish zone of "Editing Land" for Revelations of Tomorrow. It has to be done, and yeah, it's bad timing...but those are the breaks when you have deadlines to meet.

I'd wanted to get the first draft of Ending Eternity done so I could revise and edit all the Telomere Trilogy books together before having to submit the first to my publisher. However, my "Muse" decided to strike on me with the last 8K of Ending Eternity first draft. The reason? A conflict on the direction of the story. I feel someone needs to die, she feels I chose the wrong character to kill off, yet won't tell give me an alternative option.

I have mixed feelings about Muses. I know in reality they don't exist...not in the harps playing mirror looking human representation kind of way. I call my creative thought process my Muse. It's the little part of my brain that is always on imagination overload.

So, what do I do when my "Muse" and I are at odds? Well, it really means that two parts of my thought processes are at opposite ends of the spectrum. This usually means I'm not seeing the whole picture of the vision for my story. One or the other needs to share their little secrets so I can re-imagine what needs to be done.

With all the editing deadlines mentioned above, I know I have time to wait out this OK Corral moment and let it unwind itself in its own pace. It'll come to me...of course, at the most inconvenient time. But hey, don't look a gift muse in the mouth. Right?

What are you all working on right now? Mostly editing or mostly writing or some mix of both? (Of course, you could also be world building or outlining...don't mean to leave those two out.)


  1. Hi, new follower here. *waves*

    My "muse" and I have been fighting over a few things lately too. It's frustrating. I agree, often when this happens there is something I'm not seeing, but what that is... Ack! who knows. LOL I wish you luck with your deadlines and everything. :)

  2. Amber, sometimes the muse sees something you don't so it some thought.

    I just finished editing for The Wolf's Torment, my paranormal romance coming out in May and I'm going into high gear on Budapest Moon Book 3. I want to write 1.6K words a day through April because I have some serious deadlines coming up at the end of the year.


  3. Hi Cheryl! Sorry did respond sooner. Had trouble logging on to blogger yesterday evening. These Muses can be difficult, can't they?!

    Steph - Wow 1600 a day! I'll be rootin' for you... you can do it!!!