Monday, November 16, 2009

An End to the Beginning

Many of you know from an earlier post that I finally let go of the original concept for Galileo. Running on the tails of this development I cut the beginning chapters of my story. I reworked what I could in later parts but nixed the Earth-starting two chapters.

The original chapter 1 started with a readers' introduction into Annie and Danny's friendship and a description scene of Earth in the future. At a point where I could objectively look at the big picture needs of my story. The fact that Earth barely has any reference in this space located novel, I realized readers don't need a "first hand" experience of Earth. The detached references to Earth give more of the impact I was trying to originally go for.

I also changed Annie and Danny's relationship. The point of their relationship was to showcase a pure love in a time of chaos. I wanted it positive and engaging to show that all relationships don't have to start with a Moonlighting dynamic. In the end, I felt I could still show this positive relationship dynamic between them and still have them meet and fall in love during the story.

For chapter two, I had Nettie starting out with her friends and getting her militia assessment. I felt her carefree and high energy personality could still be shown without having her start on her home planet.

These changes have some repercussions for a subplot towards the end of the story, but I'll cross that bridge when it comes. Who knows, it might work itself out. I've already got some great revision ideas brewing for it.

Good writing all!

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