Friday, November 13, 2009

The Galileo Sisters

Last night, while editing, I became engrossed in a few pages of the story. It was a section I hadn't read in a while. The scene was a real character development moment for Nettie, the older sister.

At that moment I paused with a realization. These two character's have been almost like a lifelong companion to me. From the beginning in my teenage years through now, I've watched and help mold their growth.

Annabel (Annie) Matterville is the younger sister and the first of the two to come into my creative realm. I dreamed her story first when I was in my early teens. As I feverishly worked to write the story, she slowly came into existence. Almost like a piece of me was torn away to bring her to life.

Annabel was the only one in the Galileo Wars Story (originally named The Knight and the Warrior) for almost a year. Then I had a dream about a girl names Antoinette (Nettie). When she was first created, she wasn't part of Annabel's story. I worked hers on a parallel track for months.

That is until 'The Dream', which I believe was spawned from an argument I had with my own sister. That night I dreamed of Nettie and Annie together, in the midst of war. Their relationship was tense, but their love and bond to each other was tight. The final puzzle piece fell into place and I knew they were related and connected in my creative plane of existence.

Their both fierce in their own ways.

Nettie is an outgoing, assertive girl with a strong athletic energy. There's a fire in her soul that seeks excitement, fun, and people. In the beginning she doesn't like to be alone and she doesn't like it quiet. Over the course of her story she grows into a woman of strength and integrity. Her powerful essence and confidence in her abilities allows her to exude a strong leadership quality only surpassed by her loyalty to comrades, friends, and family.

Annie starts out as an introverted, artistic, soul-seeking girl with daydreams and wishes. She's been placed in this boxed stereotype by her family. Shipped to the Mars training facility, she finds the expectations from home did not follow her. It is a blank slate and one she can explore and test. She excels in her training and finds a natural athleticism underneath her artistic layers. She grows into a strong defender of the weak. Her sense of loyalty to her people and her drive to save them, sends her on a journey that calls for great personal sacrifices.

I am so proud to have developed these characters. They have not stayed the same characters that were born from a teens mind, but have grown into strong women. Their story has evolved to showcase their strength and loyalty.

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