Monday, November 30, 2009

Monthly Status Check

I started my adventure of becoming a published author October of 2008. To help keep my momentum going I've decided to start a monthly status check of my submission and activity

There are some industry standard way of building your author name and your readership. Getting flash fiction, short stories, and novella's published in magazines and anthologies is one great starting point. This method also helps to learn and gauge your audience and story trends. In example, one thing I verified through this method is that Space Opera's are virtually nonexistent in today's market.

Okay, to kick it off here are my stats and progress to date. Then going forward I will only report on my progress for that month at the end of the month.

Story Ideas by Length:
Flash Fiction: 2
Short Stories: 14
Novels: 2
Novellas: 4
Series: 1

Story Progress Status:
Outlined: 9
In progress: 2
Halted: 3 (in queue to finish after "in progress" are completed)
Complete: 6
Archived: 2 (1 contest done, 1 not marketable/good)
Published: 1

Agent Search:
Queries: 33
Requests for Partial: 2
Rejections: 33
(Efforts halted until revisions complete and more magazine/anthologies published)

Submission Status:
Submissions: 24
Accepted: 1
Revise & Resubmit: 1
Contest Placed: 1 (2nd place)
Rejections: 15
Waiting Response: 6

There are my stats from October 2008 to date. Good writing all!

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