Thursday, November 19, 2009

Organization is Important

I walked home from work yesterday figuring out a sticking point in Galileo. By the time I got home, I was all excited with several different ideas for fixing it. I sat down, turned on my computer, checked my email for any rejections...I mean acceptances (let's think positive here, people).

It was at this point I remembered receiving the rejection for Poseidon. That's okay, I was thinking, I'll just quickly open up my writing spreadsheet, note which place I had slated next for it, and send it off. Then I could get on with my unsticking.

Ugh, I opened the darn spreadsheet and realized I hadn't updated it in weeks. Needless to say, I could not close the workbook without updating it. that would violate all ingrained project manager instincts in my body.

I spent the next two hours updating my submission table, my 2009 calendar, setting up my 2010 calendar (some responses weren't due until February 2010). It didn't stop there, I had to then update my work in progress (WIP) table.

I did manage to send Poseidon off to its next potential home; and I have to admit I felt pretty proud of myself for "spring cleaning".

Maybe tonight I can get back to the meat and potatoes....writing.

Good writing all!

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