Monday, June 28, 2010

98.6 Factor

As a child and well into my teens, my love for sci-fi was dominated by the need to know where technology and science advancement was going. For the more humanistic elements I turned to mystery, romance, and thrillers.

It's no mystery that sci-fi has always been driven by the hard facts. So much so, that for several years, in my more emotional phase of life (turning in to a mother, marrying, starting my adult life)...I turned away from sci-fi and my reading leaned towards other genres.

Coming back to sci-fi several years ago, I immediately recognized the evolution of its framework. What had been infused to a deeper extent was the 98.6 Factor.

What's the 98.6 Factor? Well, we use the term a lot in healthcare. Even some automotive marketing use it now. It's the human element. The person behind the technology and science.

Sci-fi has matured with the onset of this new Speculative Era. The relationship between the two have melded into a beautiful balance. As we all know science and technology is at the core, an extension of ourselves. The achievement and gratification we can receive from it. By infusing the emotional, spiritual, and philosophical aspects back into the story, we've re-emerged the human experience back into the future.

No longer will robots be able to take over, because we recognize our place in the future. More importantly, we recognize our need for the 98.6 Factor in the future...something robots can never achieve.

Think about your story and ensure that its not starving of human experience. Don't let the science drive the human...let the human drive the science.

So...that's my philosophical posting for today.

Good writing all!

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