Thursday, June 17, 2010

Science Update

Hello! I have some pretty cool topics to cover today. I took a few weeks to connect my blog to my "geeks sites" a little better, which you'll find in my revamped Sci-Fi Haunts section.

All right...rev your geeky engines 'cause, "WE'RE OFF!!"

Japan rolls out first solar sail in space! Holy moly! This is what I'm talking about. Ideally there'll be more than one mode of transportation...but wouldn't this one be the most magnificent?

I could see waking up in my space port apartment and opening my dark blinds (no more sun rise people) to a flotilla of beautiful metal yachts working their way across the spaceways to the connecting business sphere, or full of tourists from the nearby Mars mining colony.

*sighs* Okay, on to the next cool space thing.

The Search for other "Earths" is going pretty well...we think - Okay, okay. I know I didn't end up being a scientist, but still. Can't they just let us peek at the good stuff? Just a little peek?

Pout over.

It is pretty cool that they've found 400 interesting possibilities. False-positives or not...they're really mapping out some cool future settings for character exploration in my novels. Now...I just have to wait 8 months before I get the details to put IN to my stories.


All right people. That's it for now.

Good writing all!

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