Saturday, June 19, 2010

Leading Couples

On my current sci-fi WIP I'm working with a couple different romantic dynamics. One of them is a couple. In chatting with a writer friend, she was surprised 2 of my MCs were already in a relationship.

"It won't sell," she commented.

"Why?" It seemed a very odd statement to me.

"Good stories are about characters who meet, fall in love, and have that new relationship conflict."

What? "That's silly."

It is silly, but in my research last night, I found that there is a stereotype couple characters are boring in books. The biggest argument seems to be they lack in passion and intrigue.

Well...I'm deciding to balk at this stereotype. What made the reading masses think a relationship can't continue to be passionate and intriguing? No wonder the divorce rate is what it is!

There's nothing more passionate than a lover who knows your body. It's actually more passionate because EVERY sensual scene is going to be a "hit", but with the added bonus of a depth and connection new passion can't match.

And what's more intriguing then riding that relationship through the bumps and adventures of life and learning new aspects of their character?

Lastly, conflict - in my opinion - is more in a relationship because the characters have something they don't want to lose. Through the progression of the story there's internal and external conflict threatening to tear them apart, destroy them, or break their spirits.
Okay, my little rant is over. If you have a chance to build a great story with a couple, try it. I think you'll find it very rewarding.
Good writing all!

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