Tuesday, June 8, 2010

May Status Check

Well, another month come and gone.

I've really been excelling with my new/revised goals. As a refresher they were to: 1, finish outlining one planned fantasy/alternate reality novella and 2, complete first draft of Sci-fi epic novel. And all in a 6 month time frame.

I did veer off a little when I dreamed a great revision for the beginning of an old story. That took about 3 days out of my timeline, but with 4 more months to go I think I can still meet the goal.

I did finish the outline for my alternate reality novella and start on the Part 1 (I'm estimating about 3 parts broken into unknown # of chapters right now). I'm about 20K short of my completed first draft on Sci-fi epic (still as yet not named – grrr).

Sooooo….being the anal SF chick I am, that means within 4 months (120 days) I need to write on average 167 words on my Sci-fi epic. This is totally manageable.

Well, that's what's what folks.

Good writing all!

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