Thursday, June 10, 2010

Celebration of a Writing Friend

When I joined my favorite online writing group, Critique Circle, and uploaded my novel I got some great feedback. Some of the best came from Brad a.k.a "Whiplash". We started swapping critiques of each others novels, chapter by chapter.

Trust me, it was not a hardship. Brad's story, Becoming NADIA, is fantastic. The characters are three dimensional, the plot has depth, and the subplots weave through and keep you compelled.

So, it is with a lot of excitement I tell all my blogger buddies Brad's story has been accepted by a publisher.


It is so great to see the success of a new writer and to be at the ground floor when it happened. Brad is now working and polishing the sequal to Becoming NADIA, and I know it will be just as riveting.

Good luck Brad, this is just the beginning for your writing career. For all my blogger friends, I'll keep you posted on the publication date (which is estimated for April 2010)...and of course do a book review when it's out.

Good writing all! (And remember, acceptance can and does happen.)

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